Volunteer Foster Home Trainers are the heart and soul of Helping Paws. These volunteers take puppies from our breeding program into their homes for approximately two and a half years. Our Foster Home Trainers attend weekly classes at the Helping Paws training facility where they learn to teach their service dog in training the skills needed to work as a full-fledged service dog. Outside of these weekly sessions, Foster Home Trainers regularly practice the lessons learned in class, oversee the dog’s health and help to socialize the dog to everyday places and situations. No experience is necessary, beyond compassion, commitment and a love of dogs.




Training Haven is a family project for Signe, her husband, and their three children.








Pat recently retired. Training Erin is her retirement project.

Lynne and Alan are training their fourth dog for Helping Paws.









Sam and Steve are young professionals who work full time and fit in the time to train a young dog.