Blue Coat Benefactors help change lives by directly supporting service dogs in training.

Blue Coat Benefactors sponsor the costs required to prepare litters of puppies as service companions. Funds provide the supplies, equipment, services and staff necessary to train the dogs more than two years and provide follow-up throughout their lifetime. Blue Coat Benefactors receive periodic photos and updates on the litter’s training accomplishments.

The cost to raise, train, place and provide lifetime support for each Helping Paws dog is approximately $30,000. Dogs are provided to their lifetime partner at no charge except a one-time $350 fee for the dog’s equipment and application processing.

Donation levels begin at $250 and extend as far as the donor wishes to offer. For additional information, click here: Blue Coat Benefactors.



Our most recent litter of Labrador Retrievers is the Loyal Litter (Chester x Karma), 4 female and 3 males born March 28, 2017.







The Music Litter (Teller x Augustina), 7 male and 3 female Golden Retrievers born April 7, 2017.








The Nice Litter (Briggs x Lanie) 8 male and 2 female Golden Retrievers born April 16, 2017.